El Palo Beach, Malaga, Spain

El Palo Beach, Malaga, Spain


El Palo Beach, in Malaga, is one of the many beaches that has been regenerated along the Malaga coast. Covered in dark sand, it is 1,200 metres long and approximately 25 metres wide and usually has a moderate tidal swell. As in many other areas along the Malaga coastline, El Palo Beach is one of the costal areas which experiences the phenomenon known as “La Ola del Melillero” (The Melilla Wave), a sudden brief rise in the sea level caused by the approach and braking of the ferry from Melilla as it arrives at Malaga Harbour.

This beach, with the Q for Tourism Quality Certificate, is the base of La Espaílla Sports Club, a participant in the provincial seine fishing league.

The grassy areas with palm trees offer pleasant shade inviting you to enjoy the summer days.

In the hot season it is possible to rent sun loungers and sun shades, and nautical sports equipment such as pedal boats.

The celebrations of the Virgen del Carmen are held on 16 July, when sailors parade a statue of the Virgin, and last a week with night-time concerts, a funfair and market along the promenade. It is especially pretty when seen from the beach.

Text: http://www.visitcostadelsol.com/

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